The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World

Working papers

Working Papers is a series of individual works, usually by PROPHEts.


WP No.22

How covid-19 puts private higher education at especially high riskā€”and not: Early observations plus propositions for ongoing global exploration

Daniel Levy

Jul 2020

WP No.21

The Relative Importance of Private Higher Education in Europe

Daniel Levy

Jun 2016

WP No.20

Quality Assurance In Private Higher Education: The Case Of Ghana

Linda Tsevi

Nov 2015

WP No.19

Stability and Change in a Mature Private Higher Education Industry

Malcolm Abbott

Aug 2014

WP No.18

Isomorphic and Diverse Features of Turkish Private Higher Education

Fatma Mizikaci

Apr 2011

WP No.17

Organizational Diversity in Chinese Private Higher Education

Professor Fengqiao Yan
Yuzhuo Cai

Mar 2011

WP No.16

The Decline of Private Higher Education

Daniel Levy

Jan 2011

WP No.15

Universities and Fields of Study in Argentina: A Public-Private Comparison from the Supply and Demand Side

Marcelo Rabossi

Feb 2010

WP No.14

Access in U.S. Higher Education: What does the For-profit Sector Contribute?

Kevin Kinser

Mar 2009

WP No.13

Indian Private Higher Education in Comparative Perspective

Daniel Levy

Oct 2008