The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World

PROPHE-Routledge Book Series

PROPHE’s book series with Routledge will powerfully advance and disseminate knowledge about the principal characteristics and the significance of the world’s private sector of higher education, which holds a third of total enrollment. The contract calls for a first stage publication of some six volumes, going beyond the initial public policy and Asia volumes. There will be one topic-oriented volume on for-profit HE, another on the interplay between the growing private sector and the growing privatization measures within the public sector. The next regionally based volume will focus on Latin America.

Among additional topics considered for treatment further down the road are accreditation, international branch campuses, volumes on any particular stakeholder group (e.g., students, owners), and volumes on other geographical regions.

General Series Editors are Daniel C. Levy, Pedro Teixeira, Elizabeth Buckner, Quang Chau, Dante Salto, and Wondwosen Tamrat. They welcome inquiries from those who are both interested and capable of contributing to the series. The email address of each is on the website or contact