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PROPHE in International Higher Education

By agreement with its Boston College Partner, PROPHE contributes a special column on Private Higher Education in each issue of International Higher Education, published by the Center on International Higher Education, Boston College, whose permission for reposting has been granted.


IHE Spring 2008

The Relative Strength of Israel’s Private Colleges

Daniel Levy

May 2008

IHE Winter 2008

Private Higher Education: Patterns and Trends

Daniel Levy

Mar 2008

IHE Fall 2007

Public Money for Private Higher Education

Daniel Levy

Dec 2007

IHE Summer 2007

The Private-Sector Financing of Public Higher Education Infrastructure

Norman LaRocque

Jul 2007

IHE Winter 2007

India: The New Private Sector

Asha Gupta

Mar 2007

IHE Summer 2006

Declining Demand and Private Higher Education: The Portuguese Case

Pedro Teixeira

Jul 2006

IHE Spring 2006

Costa Rica: Public Continuity, Private Gains

Daniel Levy

May 2006

IHE Fall 2005

China’s Private Higher Education: The impact of Public-Sector Privatization

Daniel Levy
Yingxia Cao

Dec 2005

IHE Fall 2005

New Private-Public Dynamics: Graduate Education in Uruguay

Pablo Landoni

Dec 2005

IHE Fall 2005

Dual Privatization in Georgian Higher Education

Marie Pachuashvili

Dec 2005