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PROPHE in International Higher Education

By agreement with its Boston College Partner, PROPHE contributes a special column on Private Higher Education in each issue of International Higher Education, published by the Center on International Higher Education, Boston College, whose permission for reposting has been granted.


IHE Winter 2012

Why Argentine Private Universities Continue to Lag

Marcelo Rabossi

Mar 2012

IHE Fall 2011

Egyptian Private Higher Education at a Crossroads

Daniel Levy
Manar Sabry

Dec 2011

IHE Summer 2011

Politics and Demographics in Poland

Marek Kwiek

Jul 2011

IHE Fall 2010

The Decline of Thai Private Higher Education

Prachayani Praphamontripong Kanwar

Dec 2010

IHE Fall 2010

The Decline of Colombian Private Higher Education

Lina Uribe

Dec 2010

IHE Fall 2010

An International Exploration of Decline

Daniel Levy

Dec 2010

IHE Winter 2010

Private Higher Education in Colombia: Problems and Achievements

Lina Uribe

Mar 2010

IHE Summer 2009

Polish Semielite Private Institutions

Joanna Musial-Demurat

Jul 2009

IHE Winter 2009

For-profit versus Nonprofit Higher Education

Daniel Levy

Mar 2009

IHE Spring 2008

Demand-Absorbing Private Institutions in Mexico

Juan Carlos Silas Casillas

May 2008