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Global News Reports


PROPHE makes available (through its Delicious account) a database that already incorporates more than 3000 news reports on PHE worldwide! Compiler is Quang Chau.

How to navigate PHE news?

PROPHE's news database offers a variety of options to sort PHE news through tags searchable by language (English or Spanish), date, country, region and other categories (e.g. for-profits). There are two options to search through the existent tags:

1- Click on the desired tag on the left section of the screen.

2- The search field also lets you search for tags. Be sure that you are seaching within PROPHE's database by adding @PROPHE. Search a tag by typing a pound symbol (#) and then the tag, for example, #India or #UK. You can also combine two or more tags together for more specific searches: #India #2012 will show news on India reported in 2012.