The Program for Research on Private Higher Education
Dedicated to Building Knowledge about Private Higher Education around the World

Working papers

Working Papers is a series of individual works, usually by PROPHEts.


WP No.12

Inside Thai Private Higher Education: Exploring Private Growth in International Context

Prachayani Praphamontripong Kanwar

Sep 2008

WP No.11

Access through Private Higher Education: Global Patterns and Indian Illustrations

Daniel Levy

Aug 2008

WP No.10

Changing Patterns of Private-Public Growth and Decline: The Case of Georgian Higher Education

Marie Pachuashvili

Sep 2007

WP No.9

Public Disorder, Private Boons? Inter-sectoral Dynamics Illustrated by the Kenyan Case

Wycliffe Otieno
Daniel Levy

Jul 2007

WP No.8

Comparing School-level to Private Higher Education: Using the Dominican Republic as a Pioneer Study

Ancell M. Scheker

Jul 2007

WP No.7

An Introductory Global Overview: The Private Fit to Salient Higher Education Tendencies

Daniel Levy

Sep 2006

WP No.6

Private Higher Education Penetration into a Mature Education Market: The New Zealand Experience

Malcolm Abbott

Jul 2005

WP No.5

The For-Profit Sector: U.S. Patterns and International Echoes in Higher Education

Daniel Levy
Kevin Kinser

Feb 2005

WP No.4

External Affiliations and Diversity: Chile's Private Universities in International Perspective

Andrés Bernasconi

Nov 2004

WP No.3

The New Institutionalism: Mismatches with Private Higher Education’s Global Growth

Daniel Levy

Jan 2004