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Dante Salto |

Publications since 2010

Salto, D. J. (2017). Attractive carrots, bland sticks: organizational responses to regulatory policy in Argentine graduate education. Studies in Higher Education, 0(0), 1–13.

Salto, D. J. (2017). To profit or not to profit: the private higher education sector in Brazil. Higher Education, 1-17.

Kinser, K., & Salto, D. J. (2017). For-Profit Higher Education. In J. C. Shin & P. Teixeira (Eds.), Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions (pp. 1–7). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.

"Brazil: A For-profit Giant". International Higher Education (Winter) 74, 2014.

Poster presentation on “Public and private dynamics in Brazilian graduate education” at the 2013 Association for the Study of Higher Education conference in St. Louis.

Paper presentation on “A for-profit giant: Brazilian private higher education” at the 2014 Comparative and International Education Society conference in Toronto.

Paper presentation on “Public and private dynamics in graduate education accreditation in Argentina” at the 2013 Comparative and International Education Society conference in New Orleans.

Other Activities since 2010

Doctoral Research Associate Dante J. Salto has won an Organization of American States doctoral scholarship for work that will include analysis of public and private dynamics in Argentine graduate education. The OAS awards only 2 doctoral scholarships per country inclusive of all fields of study.

Salto passed his PhD. comprehensive examination with distinction, a rare designation in his department, recognition of scholarly depth and creativity substantially surpassing the criteria for a passing grade.