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PROPHE in International Higher Education

By agreement with its Boston College Partner, PROPHE contributes a special column on Private Higher Education in each issue of International Higher Education, published by the Center on International Higher Education, Boston College, whose permission for reposting has been granted.


IHE Winter 2005

Legitimacy and Private Higher Education in Eastern Europe

Daniel Levy

Mar 2005

IHE Summer 2004

Privatization of Kenyan Public Universities

Wycliffe Otieno

Jul 2004

IHE Spring 2004

Divided Government and Private Growth in India

Asha Gupta

May 2004

IHE Fall 2003

Russian Private Higher Education: Alliances with State-Run Organizations

Dmitry Suspitsin

Dec 2003

IHE Summer 2003

Private Higher Education with an Academic Focus: Chile's New Exceptionalism

Andrés Bernasconi

Jul 2003

IHE Spring 2003

China's New Private Education Law

Daniel Levy
Professor Fengqiao Yan

May 2003

IHE Winter 2003

International Linkages in Malaysian Private Higher Education

Molly Lee

Mar 2003

IHE Fall 2002

South Africa and the For-Profit/Public Institutional Interface

Daniel Levy

Dec 2002

IHE Summer 2002

Faculty at Private For-Profit Universities: The University of Phoenix as a New Model?

Kevin Kinser

Jul 2002

IHE Spring 2002

Private Higher Education’s Surprise Roles

Daniel Levy

May 2002