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Daniel Levy

Affiliation: Distinguished Professor, SUNY, SUNY-Albany in Educational Policy and Leadership
Address: Catskill 315; University at Albany, SUNY (State University of New York); Albany, N.Y. l2222
Tel: (518) 442-5177
Fax: (518) 442-5084

Daniel C. Levy is Distinguished Professor, SUNY, with his main appointment at SUNY-Albany in Educational Policy and Leadership.  Levy’s abiding research interest is how educational institutions fit into the wider realms of civil society and the state. Since 2000 he has devoted his attention mostly to global private-public interfaces in higher education, thus returning to subject matter he had previously treated mostly in regard to Latin America. Levy has published eight books, mostly with leading university presses. He has lectured and worked in six continents. He has received various grants from foundations and awards from academic associations and is a consultant for leading international foundations, development banks, and academic agencies. Levy teaches graduate students, prominently including international students.

Publications on Private Higher Education


Publications available on this website

How covid-19 puts private higher education at especially high risk—and not: Early observations plus propositions for ongoing global exploration2020
The Vanishing Public Monopoly2018
Unusual in Growth and Composition: Ethiopian Private Higher Education2017
Christian Higher Education's Place within Private Higher Education2017
The Relative Importance of Private Higher Education in Europe2016
Private Higher Education: Even France, Even For-Profit2016
Squeezing the Nonprofit Sector2013
What Does Organized Business Want? A Look at India2012
Egyptian Private Higher Education at a Crossroads2011
The Decline of Private Higher Education2011
An International Exploration of Decline2010
For-profit versus Nonprofit Higher Education2009
Indian Private Higher Education in Comparative Perspective2008
Access through Private Higher Education: Global Patterns and Indian Illustrations2008
The Relative Strength of Israel’s Private Colleges2008
Private Higher Education: Patterns and Trends2008
Public Money for Private Higher Education2007
Public Disorder, Private Boons? Inter-sectoral Dynamics Illustrated by the Kenyan Case2007
An Introductory Global Overview: The Private Fit to Salient Higher Education Tendencies2006
Costa Rica: Public Continuity, Private Gains2006
China’s Private Higher Education: The impact of Public-Sector Privatization2005
Legitimacy and Private Higher Education in Eastern Europe2005
The For-Profit Sector: U.S. Patterns and International Echoes in Higher Education2005
The New Institutionalism: Mismatches with Private Higher Education’s Global Growth2004
China's New Private Education Law2003
Profits and Practicality: How South Africa Epitomizes the Global Surge in Commercial Private Higher Education2003
South Africa and the For-Profit/Public Institutional Interface2002
Private Higher Education’s Surprise Roles2002
Unanticipated Development: Perspectives on Private Higher Education's Emerging Roles2002
"Pseudo U" or "Whats in a Name?"2002


Publications since 2010

Foreword to the forthcoming 《国家与高等教育》中文版前言, publication in Chinese (Beijing Normal University Press, 2017) of his 1986 Higher Education and the State in Latin America: Private Challenges to Public Dominance, University of Chicago.

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Other activities since 2010

Lecture: The Decline of Private Higher Education (forthcoming: April 2013). Center for Studies of Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley. 

Conference: How Important is Private Higher Education in Europe? A Regional Analysis in Global Context (2011). International Symposium The Privatization of Higher Education: Private Investments for a Common Good?; Heidelberg, Germany. 

Keynote lecture at the annual convention of India’s Federation of Industry and Commerce (2011), Indian Higher Education Expansion Strategies: Private Options from Global Context; Delhi, India. 

Consultations on India’s pending legislation. Lectures at public universities.

Policy report: “Private Higher Education in East Asia: Reality & Policy.” World Bank Flagship Project. 2010